Missing Items & “Running”

17 Aug

Things I can’t find since the move:

My ipod shuffle. Saw it one day. Can’t find it now. Had to run in silence this morning. FOUND! Yeah! Box by my jewelry.

My earphones. I don’t think they were with the shuffle. If I find the shuffle, but not these, will still have a problem. Also found! With the ipod.

-The computer off of my bike. Husband took it off for safe keeping before departure. No clue where it is now.  In Husband’s duffle bag.

-Our swiffer. We have the little cloths to go on it, but no actual swiffer.

-A comforter. How do you lose a comforter? Can’t find it anywhere.

There may be other things, but that’s all we’ve come across thus far. The first three are small, so I understand losing them. The last, I can’t wrap my mind around.


My devotional this morning was about running to win an eternal prize. After reading and spending some time in prayer, I decided I would see what running at an elevation over a mile felt like. Rolled over and told husband I was going running. He looked at me with surprise, said “ok,” and rolled over in bed. This is when I discovered I didn’t know where my shuffle was, and I sadly took off running in silence. Went around a larger block with little trouble. Was just beginning to sweat and breathe really heavily when I decided I had gone far enough for my first run in Colorado. Came home and asked husband how long I was gone. He laughed and said “Five or ten minutes? I thought you forgot something.” Lol. Oh well. It was an easy first day of running. Will have to take the bikes out later to see how far I ran. I’m sure it was over 1/4 of a mile, but not sure it was over 1/2. I’ll update you later

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One response to “Missing Items & “Running”

  1. Laci Morgan

    August 17, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Haha, I know the feeling! There’s STILL things that are missing, and I keep thinking, I KNOW I packed it…so where did it go?


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