The Exodus Part I: The Drive

11 Aug

Since we packed everything into our moving van, we spent our final night on Raven Way sleeping on our mattress on the floor of our living room. The dog crate was also packed, so Magic joined us. Unfortunately, she didn’t sleep well, and thus, neither did we. After tossing and turning and barely sleeping for about four hours, we got up to face the moving day.

Problem 1: Terrible Hair Bump

I had gone to bed with wet hair. Consequently, I woke up with a bump in my hair that would put Snookie to shame.

So there I am at 2:40 am sticking my head under the water to get it wet enough to comb down. I unpacked the blow dryer and did enough to start this great adventure without scaring my family away.

Our friends who were road tripping with us to help us unpack, love on us, and then continue a vacation to visit some other friends, met us at a nearby gas station. They were concerned about an odd sound from their car, but we ventured on anyway.

Problem 2: Overpacked and unbalanced moving van

Poor husband drove the van through some ridiculous construction in San Bernardino, all the while the van listed to the right. We didn’t know not to put the refrigerator and freezer on the same side of the van. Additionally, it maxed out at about 40 mph going up some early hills. Luckily, husband’s an excellent driver, and God protected us, but it was definitely stressful.

Problem 3: Car Trouble

Our good friends decide to stop at an auto shop in Vegas. Since we were going so slowly because of the van, we all figured they could get a quick fix and catch up with us on the way. Sadly, they soon discovered that they had a fairly significant issue with their car and needed to turn around. Instead of the great goodbye we wanted to have in Boulder, we had to say our good byes over the phone.

On we went. We now had several hours without much to report. Not too much traffic, speeds picked up a bit, and everyone was driving right along just fine. We pushed to cover as many miles as possible before the sun went down.

Problem 4: Night time Mountain Driving

The sun went down around 8:00, and we had four more hours to go in the dark, through the mountains. We were definitely getting tired and struggling to focus on the road. During this time we decided that FedEx drivers are the craziest out there as they sped around curves and passed all throughout the dark mountain roads.

Problem 5: We Can’t Find Our House

We pull in to town and get to our street. There aren’t any house numbers on the street. Michael was driving a huge moving truck down tiny streets, so he asked me to look around. Since there are no numbers on the curb, there I am, creeping up around random houses past midnight….someone came home around then and looked at me suspiciously…eventually, we found our place, and problem 6.

Problem 6: TINY Driveway

This is not actually our driveway, but it conveys the point. Husband’s mom and I are out of the truck, trying to give directions in the pitch black. There’s a large house on one side of the truck, and trees on the other. Additionally, there are low hanging power lines that need to be wiggled onto the top of the truck as it goes by. Husband and I are using walkie talkies to give direction back and forth as he creeps the truck inch by inch to our back house.

And then,

Problem 7: Our house is LOCKED when we get there after midnight and after having driven for 20 hours…

But that’s for another post

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