03 May

It’s often a huge struggle for me to watch interpersonal interactions on TV, movies, and in real life. So many times I find myself yelling “JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER!” or “BE HONEST!” or “STOP PLAYING GAMES!” I think sometimes people let fear of the truth motivate them to hide behind lies, half-truths, gossip, and just plain avoidance. It’s not because we’re bad people. It’s just that open and honest communication as a first line of conflict resolution is not often promoted in society today. We’re afraid of what will happen, and we don’t think about the fact that the difficult conversation might be better than the social and interpersonal repercussions of all the other games.

Early in our dating relationship husband was very up-front with me. He laid it out flat: “Don’t play games.” That’s been a huge part of our relationship. We talk about everything. We may not do it perfectly every time, but it’s definitely what we strive for. In all of my other relationships I try to do the same as well. It’s my goal to be up-front, honest, and open with people. This is a hard practice, and I don’t always succeed. It’s hard to be blunt without being difficult. However, in my experience, it’s almost always better than avoiding difficult conversations.

This is kind of a heavy post that really came out of watching an episode of Glee. It’s almost to a point that I can’t handle watching this show anymore because I can’t handle how terrible the interpersonal interactions are. We’re considering fast-forwarding through the acting parts and only watch the performances. Think about what the shows you watch and how/if they influence how you interact with other people.

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One response to “COMMUNICATE!

  1. bethanysjourney

    May 4, 2011 at 1:05 am

    I totally agree!!!! I have been growing so disgusted with the show this season and really wish they would just go back to the music being central and leave all the personal drama out of the show. I’m thinking of not watching it anymore.


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