Character Building Through Relationships

28 Apr

There’s this person I have sporadically worked with over the past few years. The two of us got off to a very rocky start because I mentally checked this person into the incompetent pool and physically made it obvious how I felt. I will not deny that my behavior waswrong. My attitude and actions were out of line, unprofessional, and not godly. However, God is gracious, and He grew my character through my relationship with this person. Our relationship has grown immensely. I think I’ve learned a lot about always treating people as the children of God that they are, regardless of my opinion of their competence because of repeated interactions with this person over the years.

Most people want to do the best they can at their job. I know few people who get ready for work in the morning and plan how they can do a sub-par job. It’s not my job to judge someone’s ability to do his/her job. Instead, it is my responsibility to come alongside people and help them be better if it is my place to do so. If it is not my place, it is still my job to be professional and supportive of my colleagues. I would not be who I am if people didn’t do both of these things with me, and I’m even farther than I would have been because people did it in love. I’ve been thankful for those people and have really tried to do this more and more over the past few years.

Today this particular person brought me a very sweet going away gift because I will be leaving my district to go to grad school. It was completely unexpected, and the gift is not something I necessarily would have picked out for myself. However, I find myself strangely attracted to this gift and touched very deeply. I anticipate it will be hung up somewhere not only to remind me of the character development that occurred as a result of this relationship and the sweet person it represents, but also as a reminder of some of the great memories I’ve had teaching over the past six years.

Oh man. I haven’t gotten sappy about leaving my job until this moment. Better stop now before I get emotional.

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