Sometimes We Eat Terribly Too

01 Apr

This week was my last spring break as a teacher. Apparently Team Alzen decided to make Spring Break 2011 a bit of a bad-food-a-palooza. This week we’ve consumed at least the following:

-Gluten-free brownies
-Gluten-free chocolate cookies
-Gluten-free red velvet cupcake
-Nachos on at least two occasions
-Chocolate covered strawberries
-At least 3 chocolate bars
-Alcohol on at least three occasions
-Frozen yogurt
-Peanut M&Ms (husband only)
-Chocolate covered bananas (husband only)
-1 pint of Mint Galactica Coconut Bliss ice cream (husband only)

We apparently don’t do so well when there’s no structure to life…or…we live our life pretty strictly about 80% of the time and we kick out heels back and have a darn good time on occasion with no worry. I know many readers think of us as the paleo czars, wearing our vibrams and eating only bacon and collard greens. The reality is that aside from gluten, there are plenty of occasions where we eat whatever we want. Do I feel as good as I could when I eat like this? Of course not. Am I motivated to go to the gym as much and is my body 100% the way I want it? No way. Is it worth it sometimes? Absolutely!

I work A LOT. Sometimes I leave our house at 5:45 in the morning and don’t get home until 8:00 pm. This sort of routine lends itself to eating paleo for me. I need to have my meals pre-made and waiting for me. I don’t have time to fool around making good-for-me or not-good-for-me meals. However, when all I’m doing all day is playing games, watching movies, and just enjoying husband’s company, there’s definitely time for not-so-great-for-us food.

Regardless of these shenanigans, I will be surprised if I’ve gained even 5 pounds and half an inch on my mid section in all of that craziness. Next week we’ll go back to strict paleo and bounce back just fine with only some food cravings. Now this week is out of control and not something that will not be repeated often. However, I’m not really worried about it. It’s vacation, so I took it easy with working out. I ran the 3.4 miles last Friday, did a cross-fit workout on Wednesday, and we’ll be running in the Warrior Dash mud run tomorrow. This was a light week, but I’ll be back at the gym at least three times a week within the next week or two and eating paleo 100% compliant during the work week and indulge in my 20% play food on the weekends. This is absolutely sustainable and a way of life we’ve found to be quite wonderful. What did you do for spring break?


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2 responses to “Sometimes We Eat Terribly Too

  1. Miss Teacha

    April 3, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    i’m so glad that someone else loses their way when there is little structure. I’ve felt that way. I’m starting strict again tomorrow b/c I lost my way about a week before spring break. Thanks for writing this post and encouraging me. By the way, I went to the Dr. this past week and test results are in: 154= total cholesterol, Hdl 52, Tri 40, Ldl 94, Blood pressure 124/78. They said my numbers couldn’t be any better! Insulin & sugar levels are normal & perfect.

    AND I’ve maintained Significant weight loss even though I’ve been cheating A LOT! But, I want to do strict again b/c I KNOW what it has done for my health and I’ve still got a LONG way to go, at least 50 more lbs. Also a cause for celebration that I wanted to share with you: I went down town this weekend to walk with friends and there were no back pains, huffing and puffing, etc. It was wonderful. I could NOT have done this a year ago withOUT Paleo. Thank you, Team Alzen for working with me and being so patient and for all of the tough love.

    • jalzen

      April 3, 2011 at 8:53 pm

      Glad to have helped you out, friend. Helping you on this journey was a blessing for us as well. It’s a cool privilege to be a part of genuine change for the better in someone’s life. Thanks for sharing the good news with us!


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