Free Books for Your Kindle

29 Mar

If you have a Kindle and don’t know about this website, you need to. It aggregates all of the books Amazon is offering for free on the Kindle. It’s pretty great. Often the books are terrible, but once in a while a great gem comes along. Most of the books I download are ones I can have handy for easy reading to kill time–in line somewhere, doctor’s office, airplane, or a brain break. Occasionally one comes along that I actually care about. Right now I’ve got some silly Twilight rip off, and blog turned book about someone’s struggle with an emotional relationship with food, and a fictional book about all the different ways people misinterpret Jesus in modern society. Be careful, though. It can be addicting. I had to completely restructure how I organized books on the Kindle once I started downloading these. I’ve now got “Nightstand,” “Top Shelf,” “Bottom Shelf,” and “Reference.” These are just my own interpretation of currently reading, to read, and read with an interim choice for those to read books with higher priority. I’m weird and don’t like to keep all the books I’ve read on my kindle, so I archive most of them. The ones I want to keep easy access to stay in the Reference collection.

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Posted by on March 29, 2011 in Book Club



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