Vacation Days

28 Mar

What are your first thoughts when you think about vacation days? I think this is different for teachers and non-teachers. For the non-teacher, vacation days are those days you schedule ahead of time with a specific location in mind, right? When you’re a teacher, those days are those that are pre-determined for you. Sometimes there is a destination associated with the break, sometimes there is not. In my early years of teaching, vacation days were used first for cleaning the house from top to bottom, second for reading books, and third for getting ahead on work. This week is my last vacation as a teacher. My priorities so far have been playing video games, reading, and watching TV. We’re getting ready to move shortly, and our house will only be ours for a few more months. Cleaning is not high on the priority list. I’m pretty much bumming around, and it’s fantastic. I wonder if people with other jobs ever take vacation days just for laying around their houses. I wonder if I will do this. No real substance here. Just sharing a couple stream of consciousness thoughts about vacation time.

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Posted by on March 28, 2011 in education



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