A Smoothie Recipe!

16 Mar

I know you’re all surprised. We here at Team Alzen have spoken out against smoothies quite vehemently in the past. Here is the caveat: when we are advising people whose main goal it is to lean out, we speak out strongly against smoothies because they prolong sugar cravings and feed metabolic derangement. If you are at a stage of maintaining your body weight and exploring what works for you, this may be the smoothie recipe for you. We try to limit our fruit intake because it’s candy, so you’ll notice that this recipe only has one piece of fruit and no fruit juice. The sugar here is relatively low, and I will count it as one of my servings of fruit for the day. However, it’s also a nice way to get a good serving of vegetables in!

Also, this is by no means an original recipe. It’s totally stolen from any one of the many websites that list a Green Monster smoothie.


1 can coconut milk
1 banana
2 cups spinach
Some ice

Directions: (Makes 2 servings)

1. Put spinach at the bottom of your blender so that it doesn’t fly around
2. Add coconut milk & banana
3. Blend on high until smooth
4. Add in as much ice as desired and blend on “ice” setting

I made this for the first time this morning. It was pretty good, but there are several things I want to try out for variation.

-Adding some almond butter
-Cutting the coconut milk with more ice (it’s extra coconut-y as is)
-Cutting the coconut milk with Greek yogurt (this is an item we’ve added back in when not on strict Paleo)

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