Day 30 & You

31 Jan

I sort of abandoned you in these last few days. Sorry about that. Life got a little too crazy with fun and friends. We’re trying to take every opportunity possible before we move. Anyway, I’m sure you finished strong, and I’m so happy and proud of you. You took on something a little bit radical and made a significant change in your life for 30 days. Now it’s up to you to see where you go from here. I’ve given you advice on how to reintroduce foods. I hope you’ll consider following it. If for nothing else, you’ll know how foods affect you. This blog will now go back to normal. Every day will not be about paleo. There will be days, but I’ll be talking about life in general. Should you decide to continue on a paleo journey, and need anything, just let me know. I’m always happy to help. I’d also LOVE to know about what successes you found during these 30 days, so please share!

I want you to find the best version of you, and only you can decide what that “you” looks like. I believe it includes at least some element of paleo, but maybe you don’t think so. For me, it includes strict paleo almost every work day and limited dairy. On the weekends it includes an occasional cider or gluten-free tasty treat. What about you?

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