Day 25 & Paleo evangalism

26 Jan

We talk about paleo too much. We know this.

We had actually decided to stop talking about it back in December, but then there was a surge of interest from people around us and so this blog sort of became devoted to paleo for the month of January. I promise, paleo is not all we’re about, but it is a HUGE part of our identities.

I’m going to make a comparison that hopefully won’t offend people. While I IN NO WAY see paleo as a religion, the sociological function it holds in the lives of some (ahem…team alzen) is very similar to a religion.  Let me explain. I am a follower of Christ. As part of that belief system, it is important to me to be deeply involved with a body of people who hold similar beliefs to me. Everyone in that group believes this system is Truth. The group often gathers together to discuss this Truth and the part it is actively playing in our lives. We believe so strongly in it, that we design programs and direct conversations for the purpose of spreading that Truth. We do this because not only do we believe in it, but we love and care for other people and want them to understand this same Truth as well. As a result of this, we spend significant amounts of our time, talents, and treasure for the purpose of our church and overall belief system.

Similarly, paleo is a belief system about diet. We believe it to be the best diet choice, hence our family has fully embraced it. We feel so strongly about this “truth” that we want to share it with our loved ones. What is missing is the collection of other people who feel this way with whom we can share conversations. When husband’s parents joined us on this journey, that helped quite a bit. We could have dinner at their house, and they not only cooked a meal that fell within our diet choices, but they understood why because they ate that way too. It was a huge bonding time and a nice place for us. Outside of that, however, we are currently not in a community of other paleo “believers.” Since we do not have that outlet, nearly everyone around us who has brought up diet has heard about it ad nauseum. For that, I apologize.

People who spend any sort of significant time with me know that I am a follower of Christ. Why? Because it comes up as a natural part of who I am. I don’t try to force it on anyone or tell anyone that they should do it just because I do. Since I believe in it, when I feel there is an opportunity, I take it to talk about how being a believer is an integral part of who I am. However, it is not this overshadowing, dominating spirit toward those around me (at least I hope it isn’t). It is my hope that it would be an inviting part of who I am in which people are curious and desire to know more. Paleo is going to move into this same category. Diet and fitness are a HUGE part of Team Alzen. It’s a passion that God has given us, and it needs to become an inviting tool, rather than an overshadowing, dominating presence.

I committed, and am almost making it, to blog about paleo for 30 days for people who were trying a 30 day paleo challenge. That will continue for a few more days. After that, this blog will go back to being the antics of Team Alzen. Will this include paleo stuff? Definitely, because it’s a natural part of who we are, and because we use this blog to support people in a ministry we do that combines both our beliefs in Christ and our beliefs about health and fitness. I’m thankful for a church that supports and encourages us to find the passion God has given us and use it to further His Kingdom. However, the blog will no longer be all about paleo, because paleo is not all about who we are. Expect plenty of posts on teaching, grad school, family, book club, working out, our small group, paleo, belly dancing, the dog, etc. I do a lot of stuff. Believe me, there’s plenty to write about.

I am abundantly blessed with a community of friends and family. Thank you to you, and you, and even you for being a part of my extended family. I often reflect on the blessings I have from the many friendships that have been forged over the years. Thank you to those of you who do not necessarily agree with my religious belief system who love me and accept that as a part of who I am. Thank you also to those of you who do not necessarily agree with my diet and fitness belief system and accept that as a part of who I am. I commit to trying to be better at returning the same respect and courtesy.

Happy Day 25!

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