Day 24 and Maintenance

25 Jan

Some people are thinking “I’m done with this” and will go back to how they ate before. Some people are thinking “I like this, but I can’t maintain it like this for life.” Other people are deciding between the elements they will keep and those they will let go. Continue to process through this over these last few days. Here are some thoughts that may hep you through that processing.

-I imagine that you stepped up to this challenge because there was something about how you looked, felt, or performed before with which you were unhappy. If you’ve seen improvement in those areas, and go back to how you were eating before, the improvement will degenerate back to where it was before. Your old lifestyle got you where you were. This temporary change got you where you are. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

-If you like the changes, but just don’t think you can keep this up, let me tell you about how we run it. As a general rule, husband and I ride a pretty strict paleo train during the work week. There may be the occasional Americano with heavy whipping cream, a few squares of DARK (70% or higher) chocolate, or some butter for frying. On the weekends, we try to keep our “cheating” to three meals or under. So Friday night, we might have Chipotle and dark chocolate covered almonds for a movie date. Saturday we’ll have paleo pancakes or bacon and eggs for breakfast. This is still fun weekend food, but it’s legit. Then maybe grilled burgers or the like for lunch. For dinner we might get some bomb tacos and kick our heals back with some cider or tequila. Sunday’s food is legit, but after dinner we might have some coconut ice cream before starting legit all over again Monday morning. To us, that’s a pretty freeing weekend with plenty of tasty and fun food. Doing something similar to this every week for the past year has enabled me to keep off about 15 pounds and 3 inches off of my waist. When we’re super crazy strict, I can drop down 18 pounds and 3.5 inches. That extra three pounds and .5 inches are not worth it to me, so we cheat on occasion. This lifestyle is totally manageable for us.

-Hopefully that gives you some ideas. This is what works for us. It will not be the same for everyone. You have to find what works best for you and your family.

-You also decide for your family what foods you will bring in that will not be considered cheating. For us, the list includes LIMITED amounts of butter, maple syrup, sea salt, and VERY dark chocolate squares (not bars. If you eat the whole bar in a sitting it’s a cheat in our house). Husband includes limited dairy on his list of still legit. I don’t because I have a more adverse reaction than he does. This is a differentiation within even our own household.

It’s the final week. I’m super proud of you for journeying this long. Happy Day 24!

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