Day 21/22 & Sickness

23 Jan

Husband and MIL haven’t been sick for over a year. Many people on paleo claim increased immune systems. When eating, sleeping, and training are all in order, the planets align, and you very likely don’t get sick. I, however, often overtrain and don’t sleep enough. Thus, I am sick. However, my sicknesses are less frequent and less severe. I had a sore throat on Friday. Saturday was a crazy runny nose, and today was just a tiny bit of runny nose and being tired. I’m thinking that if I get a good night’s sleep the next couple of days, I’ll be better tomorrow or Tuesday–all with no medication. This is a great improvement from before.  Last year I would have been sick for well over a week, sometimes even up to three weeks. I’d also have to survive off of cold medication for at least a solid week of that illness. This is definitely a plus that we’ve experienced.

You’re coming in to the last week. I’m super proud of you. I’m sure you’re thinking about what you’ll be bringing back. We’re on day 29, and believe you me, I’ve got plans for next weekend. We’ll be talking more about this over the next few days. For now, great job! You’re almost there!

Happy day 21/22!

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