Day 18 & Change

19 Jan

We’re coming in to the downhill slide now. Less than two weeks left. You can totally do it! All of this is for the purpose of facilitating change. At the end, I’m more than aware that very few of you will choose to remain “paleo fo life.” That’s cool. I’m super happy and proud that you gave something different a legitimate chance to make change in your life. It is my belief that you experienced some form of increase in how you look, feel, and perform. However, those increases might not be worth it to you, but at least you know how you could feel if you chose to do this long term.

For example, for me, I’m pretty sure I’m giving up large portions of dairy. Small portions here or there (might) be ok. I still need to check that out, but I’m pretty sure I no longer want a whole frozen yogurt. The terrible stomach ache afterward just isn’t worth the tasty treat. There are other frozen tasty things that are not going to make me hate life. That’s probably the biggest change for me from this time. Perhaps you’ll decide you no longer want gluten, or dairy, or perhaps rice. Maybe you’ve learned how to control food portions, but you will go back to eating the foods you ate before. Perhaps all of this has simply been an exercise in discipline, and what you will take away is the knowledge that you conquered food’s hold on your life.

Hopefully you’re no longer having food cravings or withdrawals. At this point Paleo is no longer shiny and new. You’re probably itching to just be “normal” again at social gatherings. I totally get that. We definitely had these feelings last weekend. We’ll be talking more about the best way to transition out of these 30 days. In the meantime, think about what you’ll be taking away from this experience. What have you learned about yourself? The answer might be in regard to food, and it might not. Hopefully all of this has helped you to discover some sort of positive change in yourself. That’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about, right?

Happy Day 18!

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