Day 13 & Scales

14 Jan

Scales lie. Don’t believe them. Husband tries to talk people into not looking at the scale during their 30 days, but you and I both know that’s probably not going to happen. How many times have you looked at the scale in the past two weeks? Maybe I’m wrong and all of you followed this rule better than I did the first time around. Whether you’ve already lost weight or not, your body composition is changing. Over the 30 days, MIL only lost about 6 pounds and got slightly frustrated as her husband lost over 20. However, both of them LOOKED significantly better than they did before. FIL had more to lose than MIL, but MIL looked amazing. Clothes fit that didn’t before. People kept telling her she was shrinking. We talked about how these factors are clearly more important than that silly little 6 on the scale. If you’re looking at the scale, don’t focus solely on that. Be cognizant of how your clothes are fitting, how you look, and how you feel. If you took them, consider taking another picture this weekend and compare it to the ones you took back at day 1. See if there are differences you can note already. They may not be obvious yet, but it will be good to have a beginning, middle, and end picture when all is said and done. If you haven’t been looking, good for you. Keep it up. Almost half-way done!

Happy Day 13!

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One response to “Day 13 & Scales

  1. wendeth

    January 14, 2011 at 6:37 am

    You may have covered this, as I am not an official partner on your team, but this post reminded me of something. When I was training for boot camp (which I obviously changed my mind on) the recruiter told me not to weigh myself, but rather measure myself. This was a good lesson, I believe, because I was losing inches but gaining muscle which…ta da…is also mass which means weighs something. I agree, it’s hard not to look at the scale, especially when you’re a fat-bottomed girl (Queen reference for anyone older than 30).

    I think since the Christian networks are trying so hard to be like secular ones Team Alzen should have a reality show….seriously….someone call their people and have them call your people


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