Day 11 & A Podcast

12 Jan

Time is short today, so a short post. I do want to pass along this podcast though. Several people following along this round are parents, specifically mothers. This is a link to a podcast with Robb Wolf (the godfather of paleo) and Sarah Fragoso of everyday paleo, whose blog and recipes I often point to. They discuss several family and mom issues on the podcast that I thought mom’s might be interested in. Here’s the list of topics:

  1. Keeping Paleo Fun
  2. School Lunches
  3. Pizza Day At School
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. Breastfeeding Part 2
  6. Starting A Family Paleo
  7. Kids & Cooking
  8. Any Specific Problems Women Notice
  9. How To Do Paleo Without Being Neurotic
  10. How To Handle Kids At School
  11. Day Care Workers
  12. Kid Doesn’t like Veggies
  13. PMS / Teens

Sarah is beginning her own podcasts soon as well to tackle this kind of issue every week. I’m super looking forward to it. Anyway, I often listen to this podcast while I’m driving to work. Husband and I also like to listen to it when we’re cooking sometimes. All for today. More tomorrow.

Happy Day 11!


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