Day 8 & Open House

09 Jan

Woot! Beginning of week 2. Nice job! If you’re still hungry all the time and experiencing cravings, know that the majority of people push through this phase by the end of week 2. We did most of our cooking yesterday, and I made a tasty new salad I hadn’t tried before. It’s one of everyday paleo’s creations. If you like ginger and shrimp, you should definitely try it out. I’m probably going to dress it with some mashed avocado with lemon juice and pepper.

More on the rest of our lives and less about paleo today.

Our Realtor is hosting an open house today. It’s almost surreal that our house is actually up for sale. We’ve been talking about moving since before we got married five years ago, but it’s still weird to actually be making the first serious moves toward leaving. Still don’t know where we’re going for sure. Hopefully I’ll hear back from grad schools next month, but it will likely be more like March. Most of the time I can avoid thinking about it, but I have dreams about being accepted and rejected at least once a week. It’s obviously not far from my conscious mind and hovering very prominently in my subconscious. Anyway, random errands today before staring all over again tomorrow.

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