Notes for the Newbies – Part 2

03 Jan

Continued from part 1…

3. Throw out the scale. The scale by itself is a terrible measure of health as it doesn’t take into account body composition at all. You will (women specifically) gain muscle and lose fat during this process (if you have any to lose). No, you won’t become huge or masculine if you’re a woman, I promise. You are likely to lose weight around the mid section as that is typical of insulin resistance (which is something we’re aiming to reverse here), while at the same time gaining some muscle. More than once we’ve had someone tell us how they’re receiving comments about how good they look, they’re feeling better, clothes are getting too big, but they’re “just not losing weight”. Are you kidding me?! The whole point of that magic scale number is supposed to be a barometer of all the things you just said ARE HAPPENING, yet because that magic number isn’t where someone arbitrarily placed it they feel disappointed. If you want to gauge progress then take some before pictures, measurements, note your belt notch, note sleep quality/energy levels, and throw out the friggin’ scale. Don’t base your success/failure on a number that changes with muscle mass, bone density, water weight, fat content, the tides, or Dennis Rodman’s hair style.

4. Don’t worry about fat or calories. This ties in with #1, but deserves it’s own mention. Quality fat is good for you, even the main stream is starting to come around on this one so I’m not as crazy now as I was a year ago saying it. If you are eating quality meat from grass fed sources, GO TO TOWN on fat. If you’re eating regular grain fed meat, then trim off any excess on the meat, but do NOT worry about your total fat intake. Your body runs off of saturated fat, your energy is stored as saturated fat and you are designed to burn that as fuel. Fat is satisfying, delicious, and a great source of energy. Roughly 50% of my calories come from fat daily (mostly saturated), and my blood work has improved. It’s the same story with Jessica and my parents. Even if you think it’s terrible, a 30 day trial won’t kill you. Also don’t count calories unless it’s completely for curiosity or you think you might not be eating enough.

5. Supplements. You don’t NEED any supplements, but I would venture to say none of us are getting enough vitamin D from sun exposure, fish is expensive, and magnesium can be hard to come by if you’re not eating enough dark green veggies. I strongly recommend taking 5,000 – 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. We take 10,000 most days and have been for roughly 1 year.

Fish oil: It’s important to try to balance out the omega 6 in your diet with some omega 3. If you’re eating grass fed meats you can supplement very little omega 3 to start and eventually drop it out completely, but if you’re eating grain fed meats you’ll need to supplement a bit more. For the 30 days taking a hefty dose is usually recommended and then dropping it down significantly. 2-3g total EPA/DHA a day for grain fed, 1g for grass fed.

Magnesium: We take natural calm magnesium before bed when we remember or feel like it. It’s relaxing, tasty (I think), and help with calcium uptake among other things. Good stuff, not expensive.

None of the supplements are mandatory in any way, just stuff we take and would recommend.

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