Day 2: How Much Sugar is in that?

03 Jan

There’s some fancy science about insulin sensitivity. If you’re really and truly interested, ask husband sometime, but be warned, he talks about this a lot and even I get the glazed-over look sometimes. Essentially, we want to have high insulin sensitivity so that our bodies can access fat for fuel. That being said, let’s take a look at the sugar content in a few things.

Jamba Juice and Juice it Up smoothies range from 26-112g of sugar. The Starbucks bottled Mocha Frappuccino has 30 grams of sugar. A regular can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar, and a Snickers bar has 28 grams. While numbers vary, this is an easy chart of the nutritional info in fruit that seems comparable to other info I’ve seen. If you make a smoothie at home with 1 orange and 1 banana, you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of 33 grams of sugar–almost as much as a coke, and more than the Snickers bar or bottled Frappuccino.

It appears to me that smoothies have more sugar in them than pretty much anything you can eat. They COMPLETELY mess up your insulin sensitivity. You’re going to consume that smoothie and feel VERY full for a VERY short period of time. Then you’re going to be hungry again, because the smoothie in no way truly satisfied your hunger. Have I had a smoothie? You bet! Will I have another smoothie at some point? You bet! But it will be a rare event. Just be informed with your choices.  Society has told us these are a healthy alternative to Starbucks or soda, but that doesn’t appear to be true, at least when it comes to sugar content.

If one of your major goals with paleo is weight loss, smoothies are your nemesis. Don’t give in to them. You won’t see the weight loss results you’re hoping for. Remember, you should be trying to limit your fruit to 1-2 pieces a day. A heavy fruit day for me is an apple at lunch and then maybe a banana or orange at dinner. More often than not, I go days with no fruit at all. Fruit and nuts are your new candy bars. Would you eat two or three or more Snickers bars in a day? Would you have one every day for 30 days? Yuck, right?! That’s how those high-sugar fruits are going to affect your otherwise clean running system. In the early days, your body is looking for the cheap fuel of sugar and carbs, so you’re looking for more fruit. This is part of the transition to run off of fat. Husband posted that if you’re hungry, eat. Many people are going to be worried that they’ve already eaten too much, so every time they feel hungry in between meals, they’ll go for fruit because it’s a “healthy” snack. If you’re successfully completing a Paleo 30 day challenge, everything you currently eat is healthy. If you’re hungry, eat a real meal of meat and veggies first. A smoothie is not a meal. You’ll just get hungry again.

Husband and I try not to be all crazy Paleo, because otherwise none of our friends would want to hang out anymore. We know you talk. 😉  But we want people on this journey for the first time to be successful. We believe in this and know that if it is done right, you will look, feel, and perform better, so if we see some choices that could be better, we will try to point them out lovingly. We still love you. Please still love us in return. I am a thinker, but that little slice of feeler inside of me comes out when it comes to accountability.

First day back at work. Breakfast was some spaghetti squash with pesto sauce. I completely forgot to brown ground beef to go with my “pasta,” so I am sadly without meat for breakfast. I’ll have to fix that when I get home from work tonight. Am super excited about lunch though, roast beef and collard greens!

Happy Day 2!

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