Notes for the Newbies – Part 1

01 Jan

A few notes to avoid some common mistakes I’ve seen when people do the 30 days.

1. EAT. Over the 30 days you will be re-acquainting yourself with your body and learning to trust your own sense of hunger instead of counting calories or anything else, but you can’t start off this new relationship without trust. If you feel hungry, then EAT. Yes, your body has lied to you for years and told you to eat more and more, but that’s because you were feeding it things that royally screwed up the messaging system. This has been an issue with almost every woman I know of who has done the 30 days specifically. If you’re coming from a history of calorie restricted dieting and pursuing weight loss especially, you are likely to not eat enough. In the beginning your hunger may still lie to you, but that’s OK. Your body is just adapting to using fat as fuel instead of sugars. Some people adapt in a day or two, others in a week or two. Your body sends signals for a reason, and it’s a great feeling when you learn to trust those messages and understand what you’re craving and why. I want everyone trying this to experience that for themselves. I could write 3 pages on this alone, but for the sake of brevity let me stress one more time: do NOT starve yourself.

2. Limit your fruit (and nuts). I like fruit as much as the next guy, and I will put my sweet tooth up against anyone anywhere, so don’t tell me it’s harder for you than it is for me. The point of this whole thing is to break cravings so that you know how you should feel without the weight of a food addiction hanging over you. If you replace your normal sweets with fruit or some other “paleo candy”, then you’re screwing yourself on the deal. I know the withdrawal and cravings suck, believe me, but there’s NOTHING for it but to do it. Anything you do to try and fill that craving is bypassing the purpose of you doing it at all. The cravings will pass usually in 2-4 days, but it’s different for everyone. 1-2 pieces of fruit a day is fine, no juices, if you can get by with baby carrots instead of fruit then you’re ahead of the game. Also, some people go crazy with nuts, if this is you then make a little zip lock with your nuts for the day and don’t take a costco crate to work with you. A handful or two a day is fine.

There was going to be more to this post, but it got too big. More to come.

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