My Motivation

27 Dec

I’ve followed Melicious’ blog ever since beginning to crossfit over a year ago. This post is absolutely awesome. She reflects about all the reasons she’s done various programs to lose weight, gain muscle, improve gym performance etc. I enjoyed reading the progression of her drive toward exercise, health, and fitness and appreciate where she’s ended up for 2011.

I was chubby when I was in elementary and middle school. Luckily middle school basketball helped me to lose quite a bit of weight.  After that, watching what I ate in high school was for the purpose of fitting in. I started dating husband in January of my senior year. As he is ex-military and a huge fan of the gym, I started going with him beginning my freshman year of college. I just went as something for us to do together and to be healthier. There was no commitment or 100% effort. Sometime during college we did Atkins and lost significant weight, but fell of that train after a short period of time. When we got engaged, we did it again to drop weight before the wedding, but stopped shortly after that. It’s ironic that we felt like we were in such good shape then, but look at pictures from our wedding now and think we look a little heavy. Not long after getting married, I made a sticker chart to get myself to work out.  I got a small sticker every time I exercised, and a big sticker every week I worked out at least three times. Ever big sticker was worth $5 toward something I wanted to buy. The extrinsic motivation got me to work out fairly regularly until it just became something I did. After a couple of years we got a home weight set and worked out quite a bit here in addition to the gym. MIL came over and it was family time. That I enjoyed, but I HATED working out. It was something painful I put myself through as something to check off a list, assuming that I was depositing into the health bank every time I did it. Improved quality of life and all that. Then we found crossfit and paleo and new life was breathed into exercise. Paleo made me look and feel better without even touching the gym. When I went to the gym I felt strong and confident. There was a period last year when I had the time and energy to go to the gym about 5 times a week. I LOVED it. Then my schedule got busy again and I struggled to make 3 times a week.

This year I’m looking forward to cleaning up my eating in January. We’ve had so much bad stuff over the past few weeks that husband and I decided to start normal paleo yesterday and to eliminate eggs, tomatoes, and peppers next week. Starting on the 16th, we’ll be leading an accountability group at our church for people wanting to venture into this. I’m aiming for a nice blend of crossfit and weight training in the new year as well. My totally awesome bestest workout partner & friend bought me some sweet weightlifting shoes for Christmas, and I can’t wait to wear them! I only have evening commitments two nights a week this semester, so I’m hoping to return to the days of working out 3-5 times a week rather than barely making 3 times. My motivation for exercising is to spend some good, quality time with my friend, spouse, MIL and workout group at church and to honor God with the way I take care of my body.  Doing all this makes me the best me I can be. What motivates you to do what you do for your health?

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