Sometimes the wheels come off (Mike Alzen)

24 Dec

This is just a flow of thoughts I wanted to share, so it’s a bit rambling and jumbled.

The last few weeks have been a downward spiral of poor food choices and declining exercise habits. I’m not going to say this is OK, but I’m not beating myself up about it, and neither should you. Through a series of “special events”, celebrations, or just buckling to my raging sweet tooth, I’ve gone wild with candy and the wheels have completely come off the bus. I’ve been eating fudge, candies, ice cream, gluten free cookies and brownies, more fudge, lots of potatoes, some more fudge, and topping it off with a lack of exercise.

None of this is OK, but it’s not the end of the world. We’re not robots. Life happens and sometimes our cravings get the best of us. My skin is messed up, my pants are a little more snug then they have been in months, and I’m unmotivated to exercise. The good news is that I’m very much looking forward to cleaning up my eating again (the cravings will suck for a couple of days, but meh). The beauty is that with the magnitude of “cheating” I’ve done, I should have easily gained 15-20 lbs, but it seems to be 4-5 tops. Of course I can’t continue to eat like this, and I would want to because I honestly feel crappy, but because of the hormonal changes involved with eating how I normally do, I am much more resilient from the splurges and indiscretions.

I’m rambling a bit. The point I want to make is that if you haven’t been a saint, don’t sweat it. Enjoy the holidays, acknowledge that you made a decision to “live it up”, and decide if it was worth it for future reference. Sometimes it’s totally worth going off the reservation, other times not so much. The whole point of this eating clean and exercise thing is to enjoy a better quality of life, not just to make it longer. I’m alright if that gluten free brownie shaved 5 minutes off my life, as long as it made the rest of the time more enjoyable with friends/family.



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Posted by on December 24, 2010 in paleo, Random Rants


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