Why Do All This?

22 Dec

As the new year is upon us, many people have been asking me about Paleo and are interested in starting in January. I’ve had lots of questions for rationale, process, recipes, and general information. I’ll try and help out as best I can. For the quickest, easiest, most straight-forward description of how to do a strict 30 days to break unhealthy food cravings, go here. If you just want to follow along with me for a month, feel free. I’ll be blogging all the way through it. Let’s start off today with why we did this to begin with.

Just over a year ago, husband started reading the internets about this thing called Paleo. He read research/forums/blogs/articles for HOURS and presented the idea to me. It was clear he’d put a lot of time and thought into it before approaching me with the idea. He’s such a great leader, so I trusted him to be making a wise decision for our family. It was a 30-day challenge to see if we would look, feel, and perform better without eating grains, legumes, and dairy. When we started, we had every intention of adding foods back into our diet. Little did we know that we never would.

Those first two weeks were rough. We had food cravings and felt kind of yucky, but we pushed through. We were committed to see the 30 days all the way through. The way we figured it, what was 30 days. Even if this idea was the worst one on the planet, 30 days was not going to send us to an early grave. After those first two weeks, things changed immensely. We really did look, feel, and perform better. I lost 10% of my body weight, and three inches off of my waist (where I carry all of my weight). I felt better each day. I knew my body and what it needed. My taste buds changed from wanting processed junk to nutritious vegetables, fruit, and meat. I no longer felt sluggish in the afternoons, and I was able to go to the gym and give 110%. Essentially, it was awesome! When our challenge was over, we tried adding foods back in, and immediately felt crappy. After experimenting for a few weeks, we decided we would eat clean for nearly all meals. We try to limit our cheating to under three times a week. Sometimes we fail, but that’s the general rule. We NEVER cheat with gluten. Our cheats are mainly Mexican food and frozen yogurt. We’ve sustained this for over a year.

Here’s our rationale for doing another 30 days this January:

-We’ve gotten a little loose in our cheating these past few weeks with events, out-of-town guests, vacation, and holidays. It’s time for us to re-start. We’re thinking this may be an annual thing.
-We lead a group at our church through this entire experiment, and we want to participate with them this time.
-We think I might have a thyroid imbalance that can be identified through some really strict eating, so we’re going to try it out.
-There’s a community of people who have shown interest who live far away or will not be able to be in our group at church. I want to help and support them as much as possible.

That being said, I will be posting recipes, foods, and how I feel regularly for 30 days. I’m aiming for daily, but we know I’m not always successful at that. This is all to help people out who are trying to do this for the first time, and to act as a journal for myself. However, know that my recipes will be Paleo+ as I’m calling it. We’ll be doing normal paleo plus no eggs, tomatoes, or peppers of any kind. These are the things I need to eliminate to see about my thyroid. That’s going to be rough. You go ahead and eat those things for your first 30 days though. Be on the lookout for recipes in the coming days. I won’t be starting Paleo+ until January 2. In the meantime, I’ll probably post recipes with eggs and tomatoes to give you something to start with.

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