I Didn’t Expect That

18 Dec

Something I didn’t expect from going Paleo is the way it’s brought my family closer together. Husband is now interested in what we eat, helps with the shopping, and is a huge part of the Team Alzen cooking day. We talk about food and recipes and what ingredients would make dishes taste better. Since we both understand so much more about our bodies, we can talk about how we fell with better insight. Our trips to the gym are more fun because we’re more on the same page than we were previously. It was also fun when husband’s parents decided to try this journey as well. It’s such a pleasure to share a paleo table with them. It’s given the four of us even more common ground and more to talk about as well. Even though I typically am not excited about cooking for a few hours on Sunday, I love the time spent with husband. Sometimes we’re quietly working or listening/watching a show. Other times we have great conversation while we work. It’s definitely a great part of this lifestyle.

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Posted by on December 18, 2010 in paleo


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