There is No Slipping

17 Dec

FYI: This is another tough love post.

So I and some friends are getting ready for a strict 30 days of Paleo in January. Before that time begins, I want to address the issue of “slipping” on this eating plan or any other. There is no “slipping.” When you eat something “bad,” you do not step on something slippery and fall into it. You make a conscious decision to eat something off of your designated eating list. This goes for any diet/eating plan. Whether you’re in WW, Paleo, Atkins, whatever, “slipping up” means you let your weakness get the best of you. Call it what it is, pick yourself up, and start again. For us, it’s 30 days straight, strict, period. If we choose to eat something else, we start over at day 1. If you commit to this, once you get past a week or so, you don’t want to go back, and it’s pretty easy to press on. In preparation for our 30 days, I thought I’d share some of our strategies to make sure we stay the course.

-ALWAYS have plenty of food prepared. This is why we cook so much on Sunday. It is very hard to stay motivated and committed when you come home tired and hungry and there is no food to eat.

-Eat before you go out anywhere in case that somewhere has nothing you can eat. Eating out itself is harder and more expensive. We tend to just avoid it for a couple of weeks.

-There is always something you can eat. I have yet to be to a restaurant where I could not get a grilled piece of meat and steamed veggies. Evan at a sandwich shop you can get meat and veggies without the bread and sauce.

-Always carry a small bag of nuts, fruit, or veggies.

-When you eat, eat until you’re full. You will be ok. I promise. If you fill yourself to satiety, you won’t crave other foods as much if at all.

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