Networking Win!

19 Nov

After practicing what I was going to say for days, I felt prepared to meet a possible graduate school advisor at this conference. I was not prepared, however, for the numerous other people I would need to network with. Thankfully, God knew I’d need to do this and put me on speech and debate in college. Thanks, coach! I think I handled it beautifully. Here’s a synopsis:

-Acquired two business cards of people who want me to contact them later about jobs.
-Was recognized by two people at ETS and invited to sit at their VIP table, where I was introduced to the head of psychometrics, who talked to me about jobs.
-Conversed with my possible Stanford advisor’s very first graduate student who is now a head researcher at ETS.
-Did some intelligent name dropping in several conversations and was proud that I knew which names to drop. Thank you grad school research! All that time over the summer seems to be paying off.
-Introduced myself to possible Stanford advisor to at least put a face with my name as my application should come across his desk in the next month or so.

And the coolest part…

The head of the department at an important agency I’d like to work for who I met back in August was here. While waiting to meet up with my friend in an empty hallway before going up to the networking party, I planned how I was going to stalk strategically network with this important lady. Lo and behold, said important lady started walking across said empty hallway. As I debated whether or not to stop her at that moment, she squinted, looked my way, and called my name! It was SO COOL. She had e-mailed me earlier in the week about sending my CV, but I in no way thought she would recognize my face without any prompting of who I was. We had lengthy discussion about me applying to work for her department. She is more than happy to help me through this process, and is also super supportive of my grad school applications. I was transparent in telling her I was waiting to hear back from schools, but I’m realistic in that getting hired on for her agency takes a long time. She was super supportive, thought I was doing a smart thing, and told me to go to grad school if I got accepted, and then talk about her for a job afterward.

Overall, a great success. Thank you to everyone who prayed. I fully believe it went so well because it was all bathed in prayer, and all of this is for His glory.

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One response to “Networking Win!

  1. Josh Morgan

    November 20, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Awesome!! Well done!


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