Skyline Was Terrible

14 Nov

Husband and I went to see Skyline the other night with a good friend and an old friend who lives far away. Old friend was excited about said movie. All the rest of us were sure it was going to be terrible, which it was. However, something enjoyable did happen. Afterward we stood out in the parking lot talking, visiting, and making fun of the movie for quite some time despite the fact that it was really cold outside. The experience reminded me about my master’s thesis in which I posit that movies replaced storytelling in current society. Through watching movies together we share stories and experiences. We bond over them, and we convey culture by talking about them with one another. Lots of times people don’t want to go to the movies because it’s not a social experience. I disagree. If you discuss the movie before and afterward, it definitely can be a social experience. Out of town friend is not someone I know well, but we were able to engage in conversation together about this silly movie. These men are not people I grew up with, but we all had a good time talking afterward. It will be an experience we can come back to and talk about later. We also discussed several survival situations, which goes along with my recent research on how to hot wire a car should the zombiepocolypse happen.

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