Leader of the Pack

11 Nov

Our dog typically favors husband. I credit this to the fact that he feeds her. What animal doesn’t love its food-giver best? He is also “leader of the pack.” Magic mostly listens to me, but she almost always listens to husband. If she has a choice between me and husband, she will most often pick him. This is not a huge deal to me, however, I was slightly concerned when husband went out of town for a few days. However an interesting thing happened when it was just puppy and me. She was more protective and gave me warning barks or at least perked ears at each thing that seemed out of the ordinary. She followed me around the house and did whatever I asked of her, and she was generally quite happy to defer to me as the pack leader. I guess it just depends on whose around for my little one. Everyone is back to the normal routine now. I’m glad husband is back, and I’m also glad to know that puppy and I are ok when he’s away.


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2 responses to “Leader of the Pack

  1. Erin

    November 11, 2010 at 6:45 am

    I’m glad it went okay….when I went out of town, Sam (who likes me more because I work from home nd spend more time with him) decided to show his anxiety over the change (Raider doesn’t spend much time at home between work and school) by pooping and peeing wherever he wanted, never mind that he was mostly potty-trained when I left. Awesome. (Not.) Within days of my return he was back to pre-China potty training. Weird.

  2. Laci Morgan

    November 11, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Ha ha, we’re the same way. My dog was always “mine,” and seemed to like me best, and always choose to come cuddle with me. But she LISTENS to Josh better, haha!


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