Plays Well With Others

02 Nov

So here’s something I struggle with: why have a team of people do something that can be done by one person? I participated in a conference call yesterday for my state department of education. Essentially, ten people from all over the state were on the phone and looking at a Word document on-line to word-smith three paragraphs. Three paragraphs that were crafted based on a pre-existing, bulleted list. Something especially painful for me as that this was a group of math people; let’s just say word-smithing wasn’t something all these people do with frequency. I don’t understand why someone in a cubicle didn’t just write these paragraphs on his/her own. Below is my brainstorming of the pros of each while I waited for the minutiae arguing to cease.

Pros for a team:
-buy-in from the team
-ownership of a process
-team building
-more eyes makes for a stronger product

Pros for an individual:
-the task is done quicker
-time is not wasted arguing over non-essential minutiae

As you can see, my black and white thinker leans toward the individual work, but I’m learning to work more with a team this year as I know “plays well with others” is an important skill.

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