November Blogging

01 Nov

I’m only sort of going to try and blog every day this month. November will be CRAZY for me, with appointments and conferences and places to be. Today, however, November 1, I took the day off of work. So far husband and I have taken our dog to the vet. In a couple of hours, I have a dentist appointment, hence the day off. In the meantime, I’ll be doing some work from home. Later today I have a conference call with CDE regarding the standards-setting work I did back in August. I’ve never done a conference call before. Even though I’ll probably just sit their quietly for most of it, being able to say “I have a conference call” makes me seem important. Oh, and I’ll hopefully find out why I my application to my first grad school was not accepted. For a day off, still pretty full.

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One response to “November Blogging

  1. cordiwife

    November 1, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Ha! It does make you sound super cool! Good luck with the conference call, I was super cool this morning and did one while my kid was screaming in the background, make sure you know where the mute button is on your phone BEFORE you start. I learned that long ago. . though I’m sure that excess noise shouldn’t be an issue in your house . ..


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