23 Oct

Let’s talk about shoes for a minute. Teachers need to think very carefully about their shoes. We’re on our feet a good part of the day. There’s a good chance we’ll trip over a desk leg or backpack strap. We never know when we’ll have to haul butt across campus to save a student or catch a culprit. Yet many of us want to do all of this while looking cute.

My first year teaching, my mom bought me these shoes…

I actually wore these shoes quite a bit for the first two or three years I taught. They are responsible and practical grown-up teacher shoes. Then sometime in year three I finally admitted that they were not cute and did not fit my style. The ballet flat also started gaining popularity, thank goodness. The above teacher shoes have been replaced with these…

I’ll definitely rock the cute sandals or occasional high heels, but these are my staples, especially when I’m working a 12+ hour day. A couple of days ago I pulled the original “teacher shoes” from the closet and asked husband about them.

Me: “Do you think I’ll ever wear those again?”

Him: “Um…no. They’re really ugly.”

So there you have it. They are going into the Good Will closet of things we are getting rid of when we move.

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