19 Oct

I believe firmly in differentiated interventions for students. Standards-based grading lends itself toward this because the goal is not points, but mastery of content. However, creating an effective and efficient method of conducting these interventions and re-assessments thereafter can be stressful. Teachers on my campus have discussed the problems of giving up all free time: before school, after school, lunch, and prep. Then feeling like that time was given up for a revolving door of intervention that does not necessarily render long-term learning. Several teachers have stated that even though a student gets intervention tutoring on Monday and doesn’t take the re-take until Thursday, this may not mean the student really mastered the content and it may not be fair to change their assessment scores. We’re working through it to problem-solve as best we can. Several models of intervention have been tried, revised, and replaced. What do you do that works for you?

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Posted by on October 19, 2010 in education, Standards Based Grading


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