No Excuses Part 2: Chapter 5

11 Oct

The ability for individuals to use the data before them in order to find unique solutions is unfortunately a very precious commodity in the world of public education. (Lopez 48-49)

Someone at work recently told me that she felt my ability to crunch data and use that information to do something differently in my classroom was something rare. I’ve never really thought of this before, and then I saw the idea in Lopez’ book as well. I intend to make an entire career out of collecting, crunching, and inciting change from educational assessment data. This is completely natural to me. I find joy in data. It makes me excited to scan tests and run reports to garner information about my students. Looking at that data and using it to inform my instruction is what makes me excited to teach. Apparently this is odd. Almost all of my PLN functions this way, so I didn’t really think it was different until I spoke with some others. Granted, there are plenty other things I am not great at. I’m not super great at management and discipline. Nor am I great at communicating with parents. After 6 years, calling home still makes me nervous. My teacher strength is in data. I’m not sure exactly what that means for my campus. There are plenty of other people who can do what I do. However, I want to help others with this as much as possible because so many have helped me out so much.

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