Paleo Puppy!

08 Oct

Yes, that’s Team Alzen’s dog, Magic, eating a raw piece of chicken. If you didn’t think we were hippies before, this will probably push you over the edge. After almost a year of Paleo eating, we decided that if it was good for us, it was good for her. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper to feed her this way than the high end dog food we were feeding her, so it’s a win-win. It did take her a couple of weeks to adjust, and chicken doesn’t sit well like beef, but she’s definitely quite happy. We haven’t discussed it yet, but she appears to be sleeping better than she was before and seems to have more energy. Of course she’s super excited about it, and so are we. Since we don’t intend to have kids, this dog is my only child. I want her to be around as long as possible, and we’ve heard of people feeding their dogs paleo and the dogs living for 20 or so years. I’m all for that!


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2 responses to “Paleo Puppy!

  1. Laci Morgan

    October 13, 2010 at 9:48 am

    You mean Magic can get MORE energy than I’ve seen?!? Wow! Ha ha. I bet she’s loooving the raw meat. I think there’s totally nothing wrong with switching her to Paleo, as long as she’s getting meat and the things she needs. Just be extra careful with the bones, as they can splinter and cut up the digestive tract or choke her, so don’t leave her alone with it if it’s small enough to be swallowed whole. It’s the people that insist their dog be all vegetarian like they are that drive me nuts. Dogs are NOT vegetarians! That seems cruel.

    • jalzen

      October 13, 2010 at 7:00 pm

      Lol…yes she can. Not more excited energy, but more energy throughout the day in general. She gets up earlier with me, which was the most notable change in energy. Also, the bones only splinter and hurt them when they’re cooked. If you feed them raw bones, it’s fine. That’s how God made them to eat bones out in the wild.


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