02 Oct

I wonder how much work teachers do at home. I’ve always done a lot in large part because I’m a workaholic. So far this year I haven’t really brought much of any work home. I go to work around 6:30, leave around 3:30, and very little, if any, work comes home.

This is not normal for me.

I’ve filled my workaholic void with graduate school applications, which are now done. I’m planning to play more video games and read more books. We’ll see how long it lasts. Is this normal? It’s weird that I’m not working all weekend anymore, getting to work around 7 as opposed to 6, and leaving before 4. Part of me is sad that this is not normal to me. Don’t most other people leave their work at work and then enjoy the rest of their lives? Isn’t that why we work?

This is a large part of why I don’t like movies like Freedom Writers and Stand and Deliver. While very encouraging and inspirational, these teacher movies almost always depict members of society who have failed marriages, no personal hobbies, and basically no lives outside of the lives of their students. That’s great and all. Those kids need adults to pour into them, but I don’t think such a great burden should be put on teachers. With that note, I’m off to play video games with my husband.

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One response to “Workload

  1. Sherri

    October 2, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Agreed! We do what we do to be excellent. At some point, the time element involved for planning and prep becomes less and we can focus on the quality of instruction while we are are in the moment.


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