Teacher Wear

20 Sep

Let’s talk about the teacher wardrobe…what do you think it should consist of? What should it not consist of? Should teachers dress like “professionals?” Should teachers wear shorts or flip flops to work? What if they aren’t together? Is it different for men and women? Why or why not to all of this? I think about this often. I know lots of teachers who would say I dress up for work. I know other teachers who would say that sometimes I don’t dress up enough for work. While how teachers dress has absolutely nothing to do with weather or not they are good teachers, I wonder if the kids, media, or community think so? I wonder if in some small way the teacher community would hold more respect if all of us dressed up every day like other “professionals.”

Then there’s teacher wear…denim print with appliqué apples and animals…that’s a whole other story…

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Posted by on September 20, 2010 in education


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