So Yesterday Went Well…

25 Aug

I thought yesterday was a pretty good day. Then I started telling husband about it upon my return at 10:30 last night. Let me walk you through it…

-Get up at 4:00 because I’m behind at work due to being gone most of last week

-Drop avocado all over my skirt at lunch. Fail at trying to make it disappear.

-Cover for someone who’s sick at staff meeting presentation. No big deal, but I didn’t have time to look at the slides carefully ahead of time. Therefore, I look sort of foolish in front of staff. Oh well. I’m comfortable with them all.

-Get the once over from a worker at University who doesn’t believe that I’m a professor when I go to collect a student test.

-Forgot to season chicken with dinner, so ate bland chicken breast.

-Listen to presentations until almost 10 in university class, which is no big deal, except I haven’t slept much. It was difficult to stay awake.

-Get a ticket for “texting/e-mailing while driving” while I was stopped at a red light merely reading what someone else had said to me.

All in all, not really a great day, not terrible, but not great. What I do appreciate is that I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t all that great until I recapped in the evening. Thanks, God, for helping me to choose joy.

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One response to “So Yesterday Went Well…

  1. Nikki Faith

    August 25, 2010 at 9:10 am

    ?!?!!? I didn’t think texting at red lights would be ticket worthy!!!


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