4 Minutes

19 Aug

I’ve talked about the Advisory/No Excuses University program my principal decided to enact on my campus this year. In order to find the time for this period, we lost four minutes off of each period. While I fully support the Advisory period, and have no problem that we took the four minutes, I definitely feel the loss of those minutes in each period. We’ve only been in school for about a week, but it’s very obvious that I will need to work more on my pacing in each period. Also, I’m very jealous with my time now. We work from bell to bell. Students have limited work to do at home because we are pushing to get so much done during class. When I meet students at the door, I am on them to get to work before the second bell even rings. I’m considering collecting assignments again because I don’t have the time to stamp all their assignments. However, with assigning fewer homework assignments, perhaps it won’t be a big deal. I think critically about whether each activity we spend moments on will move students toward proficiency, or is it a waste of time, or a time filler, or a management tool. None of these are acceptable. I’m pushing the students to fill out their planners and complete exit slips until the very moment the bell rings. This is new and exciting. I love it.

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