Zombie Attack or other world catashtrophes

18 Jul

I’m a little paranoid about a lot of things. The list includes but is not limited to zombie attacks, robbers, and earthquakes, specifically “the big one” they’ve been promising since I was a kid. Since we got married, I told the husband that we needed to have emergency supplies on hand in case any of these things happened. He typically just told me we would be fine or that the pre-made emergency kit available at Home Depot was too expensive. However, he never discouraged me from making my own kits. I’ve thought about it a lot but never started the process.

The other day we were in Sport Chalet and walked by these:

Me: I want this

Husband: How much is it?

Me: $12 and we could use them camping.

Husband: One or two?

Me: Well, I guess one because we’re trying to save money.

Husband: Are you sure?

Me: Well, is it a waste of money or will we be sad we don’t have two?

Husband: We’ll only be sad when we need them.

Me: Ok. If whatever catastrophe happens, I don’t want us to say “I really wish we’d bought two of these.”

So now, friends, I have begun my preparation for world catastrophes with 14 gallons of water….well, I will have begun once I fill these bad boys up.

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One response to “Zombie Attack or other world catashtrophes

  1. David Duez

    July 18, 2010 at 8:29 am

    I say, if it makes you feel better – then great. Money well spent. 🙂

    We don’t have earthquakes here, but it is hurricane season. So it always makes us a little nervous. After 10 years of no hurricanes and never even worrying about them, the past 5 have really been tough.


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