New babies

15 Jul

Our very good friends just had a new baby. We went to the hospital to visit. He’s cute. Lots of babies are funny looking when they’re brand new, but this one is pretty cute. Even though I don’t want to have a kid, I enjoy seeing other people happy with their new little ones. God is so evident in a new life. All of those little parts all working together to make a new life that grows up into a new little person with a personality all his own. I’ve only had a few close friends who have kids, so I haven’t been around to see a kid grow from being super small to the age where I really start to like them. Sadly, we’ll be moving soon, so this will be true for this little guy as well. His parents are pretty awesome though, so I’m sure he’ll grow up to be rather cool.

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  1. David

    July 15, 2010 at 11:10 am



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