Zoo time!

11 Jul

Husband and I have had zoo passes for the past year. I love animals, so this was a great investment! They will expire in September, so we’ve got to get our last few visits in for the year. They added a lot to the polar bear exhibit, so we did some exploring and found these refrigerators where they displayed the typical meals for people and for the bears. We decided we eat more like the bears than the people! While I obviously cannot eat 140 lbs of meat, the people food is not enough food either. We’re somewhere in between.

We also saw a new animal we’d never seen before. Apparently this is an echidna, but really what IS this thing? It really creeps me out. We watched it for a while because it was so weird.

There were also several of these statues all over the place. We have a whole collection of me with my various animal friends.

I try to make life an adventure, so this was just another one.

While I’ve done a lot of work over the summer. This was a great day off for a date.

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