Movie Snacks

06 Jul

When I was growing up, my family always went out to dinner and then to the movies. We NEVER got food at the theater because we were always full and the food was always too expensive. The husband seems to be humanly incapable of watching a movie without a tasty snack and beverage. It’s so different to me, but I think it’s cute and fun. However, after the whole change in eating thing happened, our snacks at the movies needed to change. Before it was always nachos, a soda, and Junior Mints. The Junior Mints held on for a long time, but the soda and nachos are pretty much a goner. Now we go to Trader Joe’s and get their equivalent of Junior Mints which are far better. He also has me take my larger than life purse to hold either bottles of coconut water or cups of black coffee. One time we took a bottle of Perrier and bags of various fruits!

What does your family do for food at the movies?

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One response to “Movie Snacks

  1. Miss Teacha

    July 6, 2010 at 9:29 am

    i love to eat at the movies, too! But since my diet has changed, I guess I’m stuck! Last time I went I took a snack sized ziplock baggie of nuts and coconut flakes. Hoping that people comment and leave you some great tips.


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