Strength vs Weakness

27 Jun

Strengths Finder 2.0 identifies my top 5 strengths as Achiever, Learner, Analytical, Responsibility, and Focus. I’m a poster child for the Type-A personality. My Myers-Briggs is ENTJ. I know what I want and I’ll think and judge my way to achieve any goal. I often tell my husband, “why would I do something I’m not good at?” Everything about me screams achieve.

What this means on a day-to-day basis for me is that there is always a new goal to accomplish, another mountain to climb, another achievement to be had. It may be put in front of me by the world, another person, or self-imposed, but there is always something. It is difficult for me to stop and rest. To do nothing is almost impossible, and to do only one thing, rather than multi-task, is also difficult. This is my greatest strength. Someone with great wisdom pointed out to me once that our greatest weaknesses are often our greatest strengths inverted. This is true for me. While this strength of mine is celebrated and rewarded by the world, there are times when it causes me to stumble. While I want to do my best at everything I do in order to honor God in my work, I do not want to get so caught up in the work itself that I forget to honor God in who I am.

I didn’t go to serve overseas this year because I felt God asking me to stay. This was difficult for me, but I new it was right. As a result, husband and I are beginning a new adventure in ministry together. This is a gift and blessing that I see as a major part of the rest of our lives together. As I’ve been writing our Bible study curriculum, God reminded me how vital Bible study is and how I haven’t engaged in real Bible study for some years. I’ve spent the time doing word studies and looking at different versions of scripture. God’s lead me to truly meditate and think about the specifics He is instructing me in through these scriptures. God’s been reminding me what it means to just sit and think–to stop my brain from running 100 miles a minute. It’s been good. Writing this study hasn’t just been writing. It’s been focused time with God. I love how God took this work and turned it into time with me.

How do you get yourself to stop for God?

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