“I Don’t Want to Get Big Arms”

23 Jun

I used to say this when talking about working out. Back in high school weight lifting was a PE choice. One of my best friends took it, and I thought she was crazy. I didn’t want to get all “big.” Now I work out 3-4 times a week. Sometimes picking up pretty heavy stuff, at least for me. I’m not big. I’m nowhere near big, and honestly, I’m probably never going to work out enough to get “too big”. No one’s looking at me in disgust and thinking “oh my gosh, that girl’s arms are SO big it’s gross.”

Recently, I’ve really thought a lot about how the media portrays health and fitness to women, and how screwed up I think it is. You can’t do 1,000 sit ups a day and have a flat stomach! Yes, you might develop that 6-pack, but it’s still going to be under the layer of fat you carry on your mid-section. I’m sick of the workouts that target specific parts of your body. Again, think about it. Does that even make sense? If all you had to do was 1,000 sit ups a day for a flat stomach, don’t you think a lot more people would have that? I realize the US is not a place where people have high commitment to health and fitness, but there are enough people out there who could follow a formula as simple as that. But, that doesn’t make sense as far as body composition goes. If you could spot reduce fat, then people would walk around all awkward looking with select parts of their body looking good. I think we’d look even more weird like that. Hey, I did Buns of Steel and I’ve got a great butt and thighs, but my arms and stomach are all flabby and out of control. Yes, we all have “trouble spots.” I tend to carry the spare tire around. But I’m working on overall health and fitness. It all got better when I made changes in my diet and exercise plan.

Just go try it out, ladies. Be the woman in that weight room with all the guys. They’re not looking at you to make fun of you. They’re looking because they’re impressed by the woman who is strong enough to hold her head high and pick up something heavy.

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