Random Rant: Diet Pills

21 Jun

Let’s talk about diet pills. Specifically this gem I saw while checking out at the $1 store.

If all it took to lose weight was something as simple as these little pills, would the millions of Americans who struggle with weight loss still be struggling? How in the world could obesity be an epidemic if all we needed to do was pop a few of these a day? I don’t understand.

Also, why is “natural and artificial flavor” a selling point? I guess it’s good that at least something in this box is natural, but why am I supposed to be excited by unnatural flavoring?

Finally, let’s talk about the term “appetite suppressant.” Our bodies tell us they are hungry for REAL FOOD, and we should feed them just that. Killing the desire to eat does not therefore make us need less food. Just like your car, your body needs fuel. Would you expect your car to work with no gas in the tank?

Granted, I wasn’t really at a high end establishment or anything, but I honestly feel sorry for people who believe this sort of thing will work for long-term weight loss and health. The answer is not in a box, it’s within yourself. Get out there and read about what’s truly healthy. Ask some people to help keep you accountable. Find a friend or family member to make major life changes with you. You can do this and don’t have to rely on gimmicks in a box that are bad for you.

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