13 Jun

I belong to a true, local community at Sandals church. But what I’ve recently reflected on is how God is truly teaching me about and revealing to me in general the idea of true community that is supposed to be found in the church as a whole.

The Husband and I intend to move within a year or so. Previously I didn’t really care because we weren’t part of a strong community. However, in the past year, God has really taught us about community with friends and family. My circle of care now consists of many believers whom I truly love and care for and who I know do the same for me. I was brought to tears the other night as I sat in church with my husband and several of my closest friends, looked around and waved to several other people who I call friends, and prayed for other friends of mine who were not able to attend that night. I was just in awe and so thankful for this community, and it made me sad to think about leaving them. But then I thought about how my relationships with these people are true community. Thanks to the plethora of social networking options we now have, plus the trusty old telephone, I don’t worry like I would have before about leaving these people. One of my most cherished friendships is with a woman I spent one year in college with, yet she is someone with whom I share everything, and I know that she faithfully prays for me as I her. This is the community in the church Christ meant for us to have. These relationships developed because I have served alongside these people, we have had real conversations about our lives, we share our true struggles and concerns, and we celebrate our victories and successes. They are my family and will continue to be when we move away. These people are my community, regardless of where I live. I know it won’t be the same after we move. Nothing replaces quality time together, but moving does not mean the end to these relationships. I do pray often, however, for our next local community. I can’t imagine ever finding a home similar to Sandals.

Where do you find community? How are you a part of a community? What good and bad experiences do you have with the community of believers?


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2 responses to “Community

  1. Miss Teacha

    June 13, 2010 at 9:42 am

    I pray to FIND what you have found. I just recently started attending church again after a LONG haitus (didn’t even show up for Christmas or Easter). I love everything about this church except the feeling of belonging that I am visiting. I am fearful that developing a community like you have won’t happen for me. I haven’t found the “arms outstretched” in my visits. People are friendly, but no one seems to make an effort to get to know folks. I guess that happens in community groups and not the Sunday morning service.

    At my moms church, people just walk up and start conversations with you. They say things like, “We’re going such and such for lunch. Why don’t you join us?” And its really hard to sit in church alone. I do that a lot. And it was one of the things that made it so hard to return. So, I’m praying for a community to develop like yours. Thank you for this post and reminding me of how important community is to the body.

    • jalzen

      June 13, 2010 at 11:53 am

      I totally understand what you’re experiencing. Even at our current church, we didn’t have community for several years. People were generally friendly but we didn’t find family until we joined a small group and started serving. It was scary to put ourselves out there but we figured that’s what God would want for us. It was the best decision.


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