Paleo Cooking Bonanza

06 Jun

One thing about eating Paleo food is the fact that time must be made from cooking. When you refuse to eat things to you don’t recognize, you pretty much give up eating nearly everything that comes pre-packaged in a box or jar. Before Paleo, I did all of our cooking. The Husband didn’t know how to do anything but bbq and make chocolate chip cookies, but when we started this, he realized I couldn’t do it by myself and jumped in.We solved the problem of time by devoting significant blocks of time on the weekend to cooking. Over the summer, however, The Husband has class on Sundays, so I’ve offered (for the time being at least) to do the cooking by myself on Sundays while he’s at school.

When he left for class this morning at 7:30, I finished up the breakfast dishes and trotted over to Trader Joe’s. I came home with this:

Four hours later, I have this:

What’s awesome is that this is the majority of the food we will cook all week! We’ll have some other things here and there, but for the most part, we’re set. I made two old recipes we’re had many times and tried three new things from my Primal Cookbook. We’re Mark Sisson fans, so we pre-ordered this cookbook. I’m super excited to try the new dishes I made this week. The menu for the week consists of the following:

Zucchini Egg Bake Casserole (Primal Blueprint)
Egg “Muffins” (Primal Blueprint)
Bomb Salad (My own recipe. Like my creative naming here?)
Peachy Chicken Salad (Primal Blueprint)
Paleo Lasagna (From Everyday Paleo, another favorite site of mine to find recipes)

What are you eating this week?

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