Structure and Schedule

31 May

I have one work day left, so it’s essentially summer and my to-do list is just as long as it is during the school year. If I don’t put myself on a schedule or have some sort of structure, I won’t get anything done and I’ll stress about  not getting things done. The problem is that I get a little overwhelmed just looking at one big list, so then I have to make smaller, daily lists. I realize this is my OCD, but this is just how it is. For some reason home is the one place I can’t have it all together. This week will be a little more fluid as it’s transition time, but by next week I’ll probably have a nice regular schedule going. For this week, I have a shorter week long list of things to accomplish:

Finish reading 2 books
Help a friend move
Get our office up and running so I have somewhere to work in the following weeks
Get back on a regular work-out schedule

Not too much work, but enough to keep my busy. Next week will be more “work.” The agenda for the rest of the day is eat, read, and sleep. That sounds like a great summer break to me.

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